New Energy Industry

The scenery is infinite, the azure is boundless

Tunghsu Azure vigorously deploys renewable energy sources
focusing on the development of photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation.

Business area

Development investment

By the end of 2019, the accumulated grid connected capacity of various photovoltaic power stations has exceeded 1GW, and the project reserve has exceeded 10GW

EPC business

The total amount of EPC projects undertaken is close to 2.8GW. The successful grid connection of Inner Mongolia Alashan 100MW wind power project has achieved a breakthrough in wind power EPC

High-end Manufactured

High-end photovoltaic module, set module research and development, manufacturing, sales in one, the annual production capacity of up to 1GW; independently developed intelligent operation and maintenance robot, leading the technology industry, multi-scene solutions to promote photovoltaic power plant cost reduction and value-added

International Business Development

It has vigorously developed international business, and has carried out photovoltaic, wind power and other new energy businesses in Cambodia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Pakistan and other countries


More than 10 GW of project reserve


The total amount of EPC projectsundertaken is close to 2.8GW


Alashan League 100 mw wind power project to achieve wind power epc breakthrough


Annual capacity of high-end PV modules

Whole process solution

Technology research and development
Project development
Engineering design
Construction design
Intelligent operation and maintenance

Qualification and capability

Power、Mechanical and electrical engineering construction,overall contract levelⅡ

Engineering design(New energy power generation)Professional grade B

Engineering design(New energy transmission project )Professional grade C

Installation、 maintenance、test ,electric power facility license 3

Engineering consultation has been put on record,can be engaged in all kinds of power consulting business

Operations and Maintenance Management

Outstanding operation and maintenance capabilities
leading the industry in power generation capabilities

Intelligent operation and maintenance management platform

It can realize intelligent management of photovoltaic power station operation throughout the cycle, with a mature pre-test team, independently conduct pre-test of the power station, and undertake pre-test services externally.

  • Improve management

  • Operating cost reduction

  • Digitalization of assets

  • Energy visualization

  • Big Data Analysis


Average hours of power generation:1318 Hours

12.7billion kWh

Total annual generating capacity:12.7 billion kWh


Autonomous operation and maintenance power station:more than 1.5 GW


Undertake agency operation and maintenance power station:702 MW

Project distribution

The total installed capacity of photovoltaic power station is more than 1GW
54 self-supporting power stations,It covers 16 provinces and autonomous regions in China

  • 1GW

    Total grid connection capacity: more than 1 GW

  • 54

    Amount of self-contained photovoltaic power station: 54

  • Provincial distribution of photovoltaic power stations
  • Intelligent Energy Project